Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Air Dryer and Air Receiver supplier and exporter

An air receiver is an essential part of any air compressor. It plays a significant role of a buffer and a storage medium between the compressor and the consumption system.

The uses of Air Receiver

As told above, air receiver plays a major role in the smooth functioning of any air compressor, it is mainly used to:

·                     Store the pressurized compressed air
·                     Help the compressor maintain constant pressure at downstream
·                     Cool the compressed air
·                     Allow compressor have optimum level of rest
·                     Help separate oil& moisture from compressed air

Types of Air Receiver

·                     Vertical Air Receiver
·                     Horizontal Air Receiver

With advancement in the air compressor manufacturing technologies, now there are many domestic air compressors manufacturers in India who design, develop and export high quality air compressors with Vertical Air Receiver and Horizontal Air Receiver.

Air receiver should be give due attention and should be carefully handled, it does not mean that you ignore the importance of air receiver spare parts. Paying due attention to spare parts of auto drain valve is necessary.  Some spare parts are important and need very high attention. Air receiver is a device which is a must one for every air compressed system. It works as a storage system device for compressed system which receives and stores air necessary for the system. Air Compressors is an important electrical component used for many industrial applications. In fact it is not just an electrical component but now it has become so widely useful and necessary for many industrial applications that we can say that air compressor is itself a machine that works for other machine !

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