Tuesday, 24 December 2019

An International Quality with Affordable Price

Gajjar Compressors into the league of Top 5 compressor manufacturers in India. To realize this mission, he endeavors to solely focus on manufacturing by collaborating with just one Selling Agent to handle pan India sales. His honesty, modesty and impeccable conduct are reflected in the way he conducts his business. These virtues form the fabric of his personality.

When he is not busy spearheading Gajjar Compressors, he transforms into a fitness enthusiast by including the morning walk and swimming in his daily routine. Being a family man, he makes time for his family and close friends. Born with an adventurous streak, he wants to explore the world. And with a discerning taste in music, he loves listening to and crooning songs. Besides, he has acquired the taste for all good things in life, including owning a lavish home and a fleet of high-end cars. If he wasn’t an entrepreneur, he would have been a Forest Officer as he is an admirer of Mother Nature. Under his strong leadership, the company’s journey is about to gather steam and scale new peaks.

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