Sunday, 6 October 2019

Piston Air Compressor Manufacturer and Exporter in India

Our piston air compressors come in three types: Single Stage Low Pressure Compressor, Two Stage Medium Pressure Compressor and Multi Stage High Pressure Compressor. 

Single Stage Low Pressure Compressor

These single stage low pressure compressors are used in glad industries, chemical industries, instrumentation, process, liquid transfer, spray painting, boiler fuel oil atomization, water pumping, irrigation, air jet cleaning, dairies, air lift pumps, clay & potteries, etc.

Two Stage Medium Pressure Compressor

Two stage compressor consist of two or more cylinders. The atmospheric air enters into LP cylinder through inlet filter & valves and passes to HP cylinder through intercooler for final pressure. The highly efficient intercooler tube provides maximum heat dissipation between stage. These compressors are useful in textile, plastic industries, paper industries, spray painting blowering, cleaning, tyre inflating, pneumatics, ceramics, automobiles, foundries, pharmaceuticals, CNC, VMC & Plasma Cutting, Sand blasting, Blow Molding Service stations, etc.

Multi-Stage High Pressure Compressor

Multistage heavy-duty compressors are designed for high pressure operation up to 70 kg/cm2g (1000 psig). They are useful in valve & system testing, engine starting, laboratory test work, space & aviation industrial air blast circuit breaking, dairy, marine & military applications, pet bottling, gas transmission & distribution, defense, shipyards, oil exploration, pneumatics, etc