Saturday, 3 August 2019

Air Dryer & Filters Manufacturer and Exporter in Ahmedabad,Gujarat,India

The Air-marshal dryers provide dry air that is more sanitary to workers, and is beneficial to both manufacturing process and products alike. This makes air dryer a critical component of your air treatment system. Air-marshal compressed air system offers you all the capabilities and helps make the production processes viable and business goals achievable. Heatless and Refrigerated air dryers are our most widely used types.

Key Benefits

  • Ensures high quality air where all contaminants are removed through multi-level processes
  • Low maintenance due to simple design and uncomplicated processes
  • High durability of components
  • Saves energy through optimal design
  • Easy to monitor and operate

Heatless Air Dryer

Our meticulously designed heatless air dryer is a simple and efficient way to provide industrial units with clean, dry and compressed air. The atmospheric air is passed over regenerative adsorbent material to fully remove moisture and provide high quality, dry and oil-free air to facilities. The resulting compressed air not only reduces chances of corrosion in the industrial unit but also does not harbor microorganisms. Air-marshal dryers give you the maximum value for money and are the best option to achieve an optimal air system in your facility.

Twin desiccant towers are used in the heatless air dryer system where a portion of the dry air flows from the online drying tower to the offline regenerating tower. Regeneration is the removal of accumulated moisture from the desiccant and is also known as purging. The dry air attracts the moisture from the desiccant and exhausts into the atmosphere.

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