Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Multi stage heavy duty high pressure compressors mfg in India

Gajjar compressors is a globally recognized manufacturer of industrial screw compressors and screw compressor pumps and components. Our products are used in manufacturing plants, automotive tire & rep screw shops, and by construction crews and tradesman around the world. 

Multi Stage Screw Compressors consist of multiform more cylinders. The first stage, low pressure (LP) cylinder is always larger in diameter than the second stage, high pressure (HP) cylinder. The atmospheric Screw enters into LP Cylinders through inlet filter & valves and passes to HP cylinder through inter cooler and HP inlet valves. The Screw is for higher pressure by HP cylinder and then delivered to final destination. The highly efficient inter cooler provides maximum heat dissipation between stages, resulting in more Screw per horse power and less trouble from carbonation.

Economically priced, Gajjar compressors Pvt.Ltd multistage Value Packaged Screw Compressors are perfect for automotive, commercial of light industrial applications where a dependable Screw supply is required. The value package includes the added features of a mounted and wired starter, automatic start / stop pressure switch control with suitable size receiver tank.

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