Thursday, 16 July 2015

The always working Air Compressors: Types, Usages and Benefits

You might have come across Air Compressors often, but have you ever thought what types of air compressors are available, what are various usages of air compressors and what are the benefits that this wonderful compressors offer? If no, then here we come! Get summarized details of types, usage and benefits of air compressors.

Many types, many usage and many advantages!

Let’s start with types of air compressors. Air Compressors come in a large and very vast range of types. There are many air compressor types being used in India and abroad, and there are many air compressors manufacturers in India that manufacture multi types of compressors.

Basic types of air compressors include:
Ø  Reciprocating Piston Air Compressors
o   This is one of the most common found air compressors amongst varied industries. This air compressor increases the air pressure by reducing its volume.
Ø  Screw Compressors
o   Screw Compressors are an example of gas compressors types. They are alternate to Piston Air Compressor.
Ø  Lubricated and Non-lubricated air compressor
o   These are the most economic and least expensive air compressors. Lubricated air compressor needs oil and non-lubricated air compressor doesn't need oil.
Ø  Reciprocating Dry Vacuum Pumps
o   Reciprocating Dry Vacuum Pumps as name depict, are used for vacuum process in many industry like heavy industries, consumer goods, hospital and hotel industries.
Ø  Air Dryers
o   Air Dryers are also another distinct type of Air Compressors which are used to dry the air in an equipment or machine.
Ø  Oil Free Compressors
o   Oil Free Air Compressors are oil-free compressors which do not use oil for lubrication purpose and hence are widely used in medical and dental sectors to produce compressed air.
Ø  Air Receivers
o   Air receivers air compressors are used for storing compressed air and are popular for use every type of compressed air systems. Using
o   Just like air compressors, its accessories also have wide range. There are spare parts like Air Filters, Ball Valves, Drain Clock, Pumps, Safety Valves, Throttle Control, Pump, Motor, Pressure Gauge etc. Each of these accessories has its own importance and plays unique role in functioning of air compressors.

Where are they used?

Air Compressors are used for both commercial and non-commercial uses. Mainly air compressors are used in Metal Industry, Electronic Industry and Auto mobile Industries. Apart from industrial uses, air compressors also found place in homes. Refrigeration is one of the best examples of such home use of an air compressor.

Advantages of Air Compressors usage

There are many great advantages of Air Compressors!
Ø  Air Compressors are powerful.
Ø  Reduces laborious efforts, increase productivity
Ø  Easy to install and operate
Ø  Wide choice options
Ø  Economic cost, economic maintenance
Supplies high pressure air with very low power consumption.

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