Monday, 8 June 2015

Highly competence team

Research and Development for update air compressor :

Our activities focus on products and applications that are reliable, self-diagnostic, cost-efficient to operate, and produce minimal environmental impacts throughout their life cycles. The company takes a proactive approach to managing its intellectual and industrial rights through incentive schemes for its employees to encourage innovation and initiative.

Knowledge about technical team :

There are various compressor like dental air compressor ,screw compressor ,oil free compressor. air dryer etc.  So basic technical knowledge about all air compressor spare parts with accessories manufacturer. All types of air compressor work and what are their functioning rules with suitable to your requirements. Accessories spare parts that vacuum pump, water reservoir, waste container and associated fittings, wiring and plumbing with integrated all compressor.

·                     Gauges and control system is an important part. Take care about gauging speed, regular pressure, controlling temperature etc
·                     Air compressor motor on the good working
·                     Check it unusual noise and vibrations of air compressor
·                     Regularly check the all spare parts and Maintains

Sales and Marketing  :

Heightened focus on energy-efficient and easy to use compressors will be a key market driver, notes the analyst of this research. As the energy, maintenance and operating costs of compressors contribute to a major share of the total life cycle costs, end users prefer products that offer better energy savings and greater life cycle advantage. Enhanced focus on after sales services will further support market expansion. Although after sales services have been an integral part of the process compressors market.

Management :

Gajjar compressor is led by a dedicated management team with many years of experience in compressor business. Company for a considerable period of time, representing a market-driven and well-coordinated team.

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