Sunday, 5 April 2015

Portable Air Compressor manufacturer and exporter

Gajjar compressors pvt ltd. provides a resources of experience and expertise with a range of portable compressors and its accessories providing ideal solutions to the varied needs and demands of domestic and international portable air compressor market. It is used to convert power generated through electric motor, diesel engine or a gasoline engine into kinetic energy by compressing and pressurizing air. This air compressor is equipped with low speed rotors and least moving parts, providing it wear resistance. Reinforced tow bar and balanced chassis provides the ease of mobility. The offered Portable Air Compressor is adaptive to all terrains and can easily provide high performance in harshest conditions.

Portable Compressor Features :

Ø Superlative air end - Low speed rotors, few moving parts and efficient design minimizes wear and  ensures a long working life.
Ø  Clean Air intake - This high presentation two stage air intake filter prevents dust and dirt particles from entering the compressor. A service indicator is provided for maintenance and replacement.
Ø  Ease of operation - All controls are provided on a single panel for safe and easy and easy operation and monitoring.
Ø  Regulation - Load - Unload regulation of the compressor can be done between set pressure limits.
Ø  Starter panel - Star delta starter for efficient operation with arrangement for single phase prevention.

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