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Screw compressor manufacturer,supplier and exporter

Screw compressor is the quality base manufacturing compressor. That is part of Industrial benchmark with best level for mostly time. We are standrazation of domestic and international market demand. We are under sting  of an international clients.
Rotary Screw Compressors work on the principle of air filling the void between two helical mated screws and their housing. As the two helical screws are turned, the volume is reduced resulting in an increase of air pressure. Most rotary screw compressors. One of the most an important features of these screw air compressors is that there is no valve in this kind of air compressors. Screw compressor are positive displacement compressors. That is biggest advantages of this screw compressor is that it is very easy and affordable prices when it comes to lowest maintenance. So now a days more demand of that types of screw air compressor manufacturer and supplier in India. 
Benefits of screw compressor
  • It is very easy installation
  • Simple and sober design
  • Affordable prices
  • High efficiency work
  • Energy efficient
  • Reduce labor efforts
  • Increase to productivity
Earlier screw compressors weighted very much. The oil acts as a coolant and a sealant, preventing air from escaping as the screws turn. Both gas and oil are pulled into a separation chamber, where the gas rises to the top and the oil drains to the bottom. Our air is cost reduction with quality an improvement.

Now a days screw compressors have made life so simplified and easy for human being that we can’t think of it. Earlier technology was not able to produce attractive and economic range of screw compressor. We are better understand of the compression process, the follow the compare of gas in a single stagereciprocating screw compressor supplier in Ahmedabad,Gujarat,India. We have huge network to screw compressor manufacturer.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Obtain deep knowledge of how an air compressor works !

Functions of a Compressor:
An air compressor
 is an electrical or semi electrical equipment or device used to supply compressed air and/or power into a specific space in an application. The main use of air compressor is to supply increased air pressure. From simple and small home applications like refrigeration and air conditioners to complex and critical commercial applications like jet engines and heavy industry machinery, air compressors have widely established their important presence.
The Basic :
The air compressor is made up of mainly two parts – a compressed system and a power source. The compressing mechanism can be a piston, rotating impeller, or vane depending upon which type of compressor you are referring to. The power source may be an electric motor or other energy sources. The compressing mechanism, as the name suggests.
The basic working principle of an air compressor is to compress atmospheric air, which is then used as per the application’s specific requirements. In the process of compressing the air, atmospheric air is drawn in through a valve; more and more air is pulled inside a limited space mechanically by piston, impeller, or vane. The volume is gradually reduced due to the fact that amount of pulled atmospheric air is increased in the receiver or storage tank and hence pressure is raised automatically. In other words, free or air is compressed after reducing the volume and increasing the pressure.
Internal  structure :
You’d also find a pressure setting knob which is used to manipulate air pressure to match specific requirements of individual application. When pressure in the air receiver gets increased to the maximum allowed mark, the pressure switch gets shut off automatically and thus intake of air in the compressor is stopped. This is done so as to avoid any damage to the air compressor and application.

The Working
Contrary to this, when the compressed air is used, the pressure inside the compressor falls. As a consequence, the pressure drops to a low setting, and the pressure switch is turned on, thus allowing atmospheric air to enter the unit. This way, the cycle of taking air inside the unit and removing compressed air continues in an air compressor.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Latest trends and technologies in Air compressors

From history to future
Let’s get through a small summary of air compressor revolution and take a look at where air compressors technology is heading.
  • Earlier air compressors weighted very much, they were very heavy in weight, now-a-days, we have ultra modern air compressors which weighs less.
  • Earlier air compressors were not capable of producing or supporting high capacity, but now, with technology being developed, we have air compressors like screw air compressors, oil free dental air compressors etc. which come with increased capacity.
  • This development has also bring us with latest air compressors like Reciprocating Air Compressors which can be single phase or two phase air compressors and are capable of working longer than their predecessors. Also, this reciprocating air compressor comes with dual cylinders which mean better performance and improved productivity.
  • Cost reduction with quality improvement – This is what we can say best feature of today’s latest and ultra modern air compressors like screw compressors, Lubricated and Non Lubricated air compressors
  • One big difference in old piston compressors and latest piston and screw compressor is the need of maintenance. Old technology needed much more maintenance and attention to be given to air compressors, air compressors like screw compressors, drain valves and oil free air compressors etc. needs less maintenance. Of course, we need to take due care of these compressors, but don’t require that much attention now-a-days.
  • Today’s air compressors like Air Receivers and Air Dryers have made life so simplified and easy for human being that we can’t think of it. Earlier technology was not able to produce attractive and economic range of air compressors for residential and non-commercial uses. But now, with improved technology, we have economic and attractive compressors in home and non-commercial applications.

At Gajjar, we believe to provide our customers optimum return on their investment in our air compressors and air dryers. We don’t believe in just doing business, we believe in doing business with quality, trust and relation that stabilizes your organizational growth in the fast pace economy. That’s why we often present important and useful information on our product range so that our customers can get knowledge of how important air compressors and air dryers are. If you are also looking for some useful information on various products range of air compressors and air dryers, here’s your chance to enhance your knowledge!

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Air Compressors : Types, Usages and Benefits

Many types, many usage and many advantages!
Let’s start with types of air compressors. Air Compressors come in a large and very vast range of types. There are many air compressor types being used in india and abroad, and there are many air compressors manufacturers in india that manufacture multi types of compressors. 
Basic  types of air compressors include:
  • Reciprocating Piston Air Compressors
This is one of the most common found air compressors amongst varied industries. This air compressor increases the air pressure by reducing its volume. There are Single Stage, Double Stage Air Compressor and Multi Stage Air Compressor in this category.
  • Screw Compressors
Screw Compressors are an example of gas compressors types. They are alternate to Piston Air Compressor. Two types of Screw Compressors are available: Oil-Free and Oil-Flooded Screw Compressors.
  • Lubricated and Non-lubricated air compressor
These are the most economic and least expensive air compressors. Lubricated air compressor needs oil and non-lubricated air compressor doesn't need oil.
  • And many more type… 
Each of these types of air compressors has its own shape, style, use and applications in a varied range of industries across the globe. However, that is to be noted that however they differ in types, nature, usage and applications, they all need equal level of maintenance and care. 
Where are they used?
Air Compressors are used for both commercial and non-commercial uses. Mainly air compressors are used in Metal Industry, Electronic Industry and Automobile Industries. Apart from industrial uses, air compressors also found place in homes. Refrigeration is one of the best examples of such home use of an air compressor.
Advantages of Air Compressors usage
There are many great advantages of Air Compressors!

  • Air Compressors are powerful.
  • Reduces laborious efforts, increase productivity
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Wide choice options
  • Economic cost, economic maintenance
  • Supplies high pressure air with very low power consumption.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Air compressors spare parts suppliers

Air compressor spares parts like air compressor spares, gas compressor spares, refrigerated air dryers, screw compressor spares, refrigerated compressor spares, screw air end servicing,  air dryers, air receiver, oil free dental compressor spare parts, reconditioned air compressor and accessories.
Technical sound  knowledge of compressor parts :
We are good technical knowledge about various aircompressors spare parts like piston air compressor, single stage low pressure compressor, two stage medium pressure compressor, multi stage high pressure compressor, oil free dental compressor, air dryer, heat less compressor with air compressor spare parts seems some what a tough task at beginning but once you have developed basic knowledge on how to air compressor work  and what are their functioning rules…
Affordable Prices of Replacement spare parts
This way to can judge the fair price of the all types of replacement spare parts. According to market demand ,trend and you can make sure that you are paying more than fair value. Replacement spare parts  prices is good factor in now a days.
The main advantage of using compressed air is the element of safety as there is relatively little to no electricity involved. Additionally, compressed air can be used to run tools and equipment that generate a lot more force than traditional tools. What this means is that tool that run on air compressors are more likely to get the job done and be used in situations where normal tools and equipment do not suffice. As such, these tools play a valuable part in out world as they allow for the construction and manufacture of many items that we have come to use in our daily lives.
This technology is growing increasingly prevalent with every day.
  • It  to be less expensive
  • Compressors with air filters, water filters, and in-line lubrication is easier.
  • There is a much broader selection of electrical power options for units.
  • Generally, they are more powerful.
  • Portability and versatility.
  • Alternate source of power.
  • Easy, hassle free power source.
  • Best choice for permanent Gajjar compressors.

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