Monday, 25 November 2013

Air dryer manufacturer and exporter

We are recognized of air dryer manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India. We design and developed of various industrial sectors. We understand client requirement. Air dryer are made with compact design and size so as to run smoothly with limited vibration and hence do not require spring suspension. We believe to provide our customers optimum return on their investment in our oil free dental compressors and air compressors. We don’t believe in just doing business, we believe in doing business with quality, trust and relation that stabilizes your organizational growth in the fast pace economy. 
We design and manufacture a complete line of custom compressed air systems. Our product line consists of heated, heatless desiccant air dryers, and cycling non-cycling refrigerated air dryers  from small point-of-use dryers, to large, custom engineered compressed air dryers for the most exacting industrial and commercial applications.
Air Dryers can help you solve the problem of harmful moisture in you compressed air system. Extra level of moisture in the air compressor system can damage the equipment and can harm the processes or product which can cost you in time and money.  This method of drying is widely used and accepted because it is robust in nature as it generates dew points, which are adequate for most applications using well proven technologies that encounter few problems if properly sized, installed and maintained. 

Air Dryers types include refrigerated dryer, Deliquescent dryer, Desiccant dryer and Membrane dryer etc. While, Air Compressors types include Rotary screw compressor, Reciprocating compressor, Single Phase Air Compressors and Multiphase Air Compressors etc. Air dryer are being exported to the international market by Gajjar compressor. More information visit us our website. 

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