Sunday, 31 March 2013

Air compressors company profile : Gajjar compressors

Welcome to Gajjar compressors Pvt Ltd., an Indian manufacturer, supplier and exporters of air compressors, rotary screw compressor mfg, Reciprocating piston  compressor, Lubricated and non lubricated water cooled air compressor mfg and supplier, oil free dental compressor, reciprocating dry vacuum pumps, air compressors tools, and various types of  air compressor couplings and fittings that, since its foundation way back in 1991, has become a globally-recognized industry leader with trusted in the fields of air compressor.
We are the wholesale air compressor manufacturer in India. Air compressors are used in many areas of our life such as home garage, industrial settings, etc. A typical application of compressors for home use is to provide air for smooth wheels. In addition, it is also used in many tools to finish tasks more speedily and effortlessly. There plenty of compressors models as well as air compressor manufacturers available in market. 
How has Gajjar compressors found its global success ? The answer is in the company’s commitment to product quality, ongoing innovation in air compressors  technology, providing value for money and providing outstanding customer care. Although proud of its ahmedabad heritage, Gajjar compressor continuing success and prosperity has enabled it to open state-of-the-art production facilities in Ahmedabad,Gujarat,India.
Air compressors this dedication to quality results in products that are tested to international standards and built to the best possible specification using premium-quality materials. Gajjar compressors proudly boast that their products provide the utmost reliability in operation and out-perform their competitors’ products. And with Twenty two years’ experience in the field of compressors with air technology design and manufacture, who could possibly doubt Gajjar compressors word ? We are always invest big amount of time, efforts, money and human resources in research and development for the betterment of industrial air compressors.

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