Saturday, 1 September 2012

Refrigerated Air dryer manufacturer and heatless air dryer exporter

We are mfg of refrigerated air dryer and heatless air dryer in India. It is good result of our products. It is the result of extensive design and prototype testing and provides a consistent dew point of +3° c. Compared to other Air Dryers the HX Series of Trident has a very low running cost. Air dryer can be same as air compressor. An air dryer is an equipment that is used to remove the vapor from a compressed air system. There are use in Industrial, commercial and non commercial applications for this air dryer.

It is very use full of many industries. Warm compressed air enters the Air/Air heat exchanger where it is pre cooled by outgoing cold refrigerated air. It is a Pre - cooling makes it possible to use a smaller (more economical) refrigeration Unit. Then the pre - cooled air enters the Air to Refrigerant heat exchanger where it is cooled down to +3° c. At this cool temperature, water condenses into liquid droplets, which are removed from the air stream by a very efficient Demister and automatically discharged to drain by a Trident Automatic drain valve. It is best thing for the air dryer.

Benefits of Refrigerated air dryer
·         Condensing Temperature control for ambient Temperature variations.
·         Hot gas by-pass circuit for partial load.
·         Maintains constant pressure dew point.
·         Compressor safety through HP cut switch.
·         The advanced mimic display indicates the functions & faults if any.
·         Trident Automatic Drain Valve provided in Demister & Heat exchangers for effective Dryer functioning

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