Friday, 10 August 2012

Something different manufacturer of Screw compressors

Gajjar  compressor is a reputed brand name in air compressor industries. It is recognized of screw air compressor manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India. We design and developed of various industrial sectors. We understand client requirement. Our wide range ofscrew compressor. There are three types of screw compressor like single stage low pressure compressor, two stage medium pressure compressor and Multi stage high pressure compressor.
Our design and development team of screw compressor have through knowledge and expertise in depth of screw compressor field. The mostly common screw air compressor is the single stage helical and lobe oil flooded screw air compressor. That is wide range available of that types of screw compressor. Screw compressor are a unique and an advanced alternate to the old technology screw compressor which were used earlier.
Screw compressor are made with compact design and size so as to run smoothly with limited vibration and hence do not require spring suspension. Screw compressor  are sectors and industries where supplication of compressed air is needed.  As known that there are many types of screw compressor are available in the market. These screw compressor are positive displacement compressors. Biggest advantages of this screw air compressors is that it very easy and affordable when it t comes to maintenance.
There are spare parts a like air filters, ball valve, drain clock, pumps, safety valve etc. They came up with screw compressor that bridge the gap of the commercial requirement, thus screw compressor manufacturers got wider scope and border business market.

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