Friday, 13 April 2012

Learn important terminologies of Air Compressors & Air Dryers - Part 2

In the part 1 or the previous post, we introduced you to some of the basic terminologies widely used to describe air compressors, air dryers and its parts by leading air compressors manufacturers in India. In this part 2, we are going to introduced you with some more terminologies and definitions of various parts of air compressors and air dryers being designed and manufactured by leading air compressor manufacturers in India.

Demand – It is flow of air at particular position which is required at a point.

Dew Point – Dew point is the temperature at which the moisture in the air starts to condense if the air is cooled at constant pressure.

Discharge Temperature – It is the temperature at the discharge flange of the compressor.

Filters – Filter is the equipment which helps air compressor separate and removing particulate matter, moisture or entrained lubricant from air.
Full-Load - Air compressor operation at full speed with a fully open inlet and discharge delivering maximum air flow.

Gauge Pressure – Gauge pressure is determined by most instruments and gauges, usually expressed in psig. Barometric pressure must be considered to obtain true or absolute pressure (PSIG).
Inlet Pressure – Inlet pressure is the actual pressure at the inlet flange of the compressor typically measured in PSIG unit.

Leak – It is termed as the total loss of compressed air to ambient conditions.

Load Time – It is total time or the period from when a compressor loads until it unloads.

Pressure - Force per unit area, measured in pounds per square inch (PSI).

Pressure Dew Point – It is temperature at which water starts to condense off the air.

Pressure Range – It is total difference between minimum and maximum pressures for an air compressor.

Receiver – A typical vessel generally used to store gas under pressure. In a large compressed air system there may be primary and secondary receivers.

Valves - Devices with passages for directing flow into alternate paths or to prevent flow.

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