Sunday, 8 April 2012

Learn important terminologies of Air Compressors & Air Dryers - Part 1

You must have come across to see, use or have at least read about various usages, types and functioning of various kinds of air compressors and air dryers. With constant technological developments in the industrial areas, many air compressors manufacturers and air dryer manufacturers have successfully evolved technology to manufacture multi phase air compressors and other types of air compressors and air dryers that are currently widely used in and around varied industries across the world.

But do you really know what these air compressors are called in technical language? Do you know all the important technical terminologies that are used to describe these awesome industrial equipments? If no, here is your answer to some of the most basic terminologies widely used in air compressors and air dryers by air compressors manufacturers.

In following article of two parts, we are giving you a thorough and detailed knowledge of various basic terminologies that are being widely used in the air compressors and air dryer industries by leading air compressor manufacturers for air compressors in India

Aftercooler – Aftercoller is a heat exchanger that is used in air compressor to cool down air which is discharged from air compressor.
Air Dryer – Air dryer is basically a device that is used to eliminate moisture from the compressed air in the compressed system. This objective is generally achieved by cooling down the air through a refrigerator or desiccant bed.
Atmospheric Pressure – This term is used to measure ambient pressure for a particular location and altitude. The unit for the pressure measurement is known as PSI or Pounds per Square Inch.
Automatic Sequencer – Automatic Sequencer is a device which operates compressors in sequence according to a programmed schedule. 
Capacity - The amount of air flow delivered under specific conditions, usually expressed in cubic feet per minute (CFM). 
Check Valve – This is a valve that permits flow in only one direction.
Cycle – It is a series of steps that an air compressor or air dryer follow with unloading performs; 1) fully loaded, 2) modulating (for air compressors with modulating control), 3) unloaded, 4) idle. 
Cycle Time – It is total amount of time taken to complete one cycle.
Desiccant - A material having a large amount of surface pores, capable of attracting and removing water vapor from the air. 
Note: We are presenting important terminologies mostly in alphabetical order. For remaining terminologies, please stay connected with us and get through our next article which we will release soon – Thank you!

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