Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Air Dryer and Air Receiver Most important parts of Air Compressors

We use air compressors in our everyday life. Be it a small and simple air compressor of our daily personal lifestyle or be it a multi-phase, large scale industrial air compressor, the compressors have been a necessary and a useful machine. This beautiful, unique and useful machine air dryer and air receiver is made of many small and big parts. These parts of compressors also include parts that play very important roles in the functioning of Air Compressors. There are many air compressors manufacturers in India who have thorough capabilities in designing and developing ultra-modern compressors with air dryers and air receivers. Let’s see details of each part in details now:

Air dryer is one of the most important parts of an air compressor. The air dryer removes water / moisture from the air compressor. Scale, rust and bacteria are created in the compressed air system when moisture persists. This can lead to damage in the system but the Air Dryer comes in help here and prevents the damage or malfunctioning of the system.
Air Dryers in air compressors come in a variety of types with varied use and applications in varied industries.
Types of Air Dryers are:
  • Refrigeration Dryer
  • Deliquescent Dryer
  • Desiccant Dryer
  • Membrane Dryer
Each of these air dryers has their own characteristics, uses and applications. Although these varied types of air dryers have different style, shape and applications but basically their basic functionality and usage stay same. Air Dryers are most commonly used for:
  • Drying air for commercial or industrial processes which needs dry air
  • Pressurizing underground cables to repel moisture and avoid shorts
  • Industrial Painting
  • Industrial Pneumatic tools
  • Air brake systems
  • And many more…

An air receiver is an essential part of any air compressor. It plays a significant role of a buffer and a storage medium between the compressor and the consumption system.

The uses of Air Receiver

As told above, air receiver plays a major role in the smooth functioning of any air compressor, it is mainly used to:
  • Store the pressurized compressed air
  • Help the compressor maintain constant pressure at downstream
  • Cool the compressed air
  • Allow compressor have optimum level of rest
  • Help separate oil& moisture from compressed air
Types of Air Receiver
  • Vertical Air Receiver
  • Horizontal Air Receiver
With advancement in the air compressor manufacturing technologies, now there are many domestic air compressors manufacturers in India who design, develop and export high quality air compressors with Vertical Air Receiver and Horizontal Air Receiver.

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