Thursday, 24 November 2011

Know Air Compressors, Air Dryers and air compressors spare parts

Air Compressors are all around our daily life! Be it our personal life style or be it an industrial application, there are many kinds of air compressors being used by a varied range of industries all over the world. But do you know how many types of air compressors are available in the market? Actually, there are many types of air compressors available in the world. There are air compressors manufacturers in india who design, manufacturer and exports small size single phase air compressors and there are air compressors manufactures in india who manufacture large size two phase or three phase industrial compressors used for industrial applications.

There are many kinds of compressors ranging from small to large size compressors. Each of these air compressors has its own size, shape, design and use in different applications in different industries. Even some of these air compressors are useful for home usage. But the most widely used air compressor screw air compressor.

Screw Compressors

Screw compressor is one of the most widely used types of air compressors. Screw compressors are kind of gas compressors which use rotary type displacement techniques. Screw Compressors are a unique and an advanced alternate to the old technology piston compressors which were used earlier. Screw Compressors are made with compact design and size so as to run smoothly with limited vibration and hence do not require spring suspension. Major applications of Screw Compressors are applications and industries where supplication of compressed air is needed.

Lubricated and Non-Lubricated Water Cooled Compressor

Other widely used types of air compressors are Lubricated and Non Lubricated water cooled compressor which are largely manufactured by many air compressors manufacturers in india. These types of air compressors come with low cost and give high performance and have wide applications in use. Lubricated air compressors use oil for getting lubricated while non-lubricated air compressors don’t need oil.

Air Dryer

An Air Dryer is equipment that is used to remove water vapor from compressed air. Air Dryers are generally commonly found in varied industries and have wide range of use in different applications. Air Dryers come in varied types depending upon varied use in varied applications. Different types of Air Dryer are:
  • Refrigerated dryers
  • Regenerative desiccant dryers
  • Membrane dryers and,
  • Deliquescent dryers
Air Compressors spare-parts

Do you know various spare-parts of air compressors? If not, here is the answer! There are many parts of an air compressor.Different spare-parts of compressor are air filter, air fitting, air hose, check valve, Engine throttle control, Electric Motor, Gas Compressor, Oil, Pressure Gauges, Regulator, Tanks etc. are found in common types of air compressors.

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