Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Industrial Vacuum Pumps Manufacturer and Exporter in India

Reciprocating vacuum pump is used to discharge a low volume of liquid at high pressure. The liquid is collected in an enclosure/cavity and a plunger or piston creates a positive displacement in the cavity to discharge the liquid at a high pressure.

Vacuum Pumps are useful in paper handling, Liquid transfer, vacuum foarming, food processing, sugar factory, food impregnation, hospitals & dental clinics, laboratories, dairies, chemical industry, etc.

Model No.Motor (HP)No. of PISTONPiston Displacement (CFM)Vacuum (Hg) (INCH)
GC-285V/VT2.0217.4 / 8.729.0 / 29.6
GC-294V/T3.0231.0 / 15.529.0 / 29.6
GC-305V/VT5.0252.0 / 26.029.0 / 29.6
GC-57V/VT7.5288.0 / 44.029.0 / 29.6
GC-65V/VT10.03132.0 / 88.029.0 / 29.6

Key Benefits

  • Long Life
  • Efficient cooling of pumps leading to superior performance and energy efficiency
  • Simple and easily available components, hence low maintenance costs in the long run
  • Excellent safety features

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Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Industrial Air Compressor Manufacturer and Exporter in India

We are all types of wholesale Industrial compressors manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India. Wide network of all over the world.

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It is very an affordable of all types compressors. Always compare quotations and prices give by one company with given by other companies. This way you can judge the fair price of the air compressor or screw compressor according to market trend and you can make sure that you are not paying more than fair value.

Industrial Air Compressors
Industrial Air Compressor
Brand name of Industrial air compressor : 
With air compressor brand name is AIR MARSHAL  We are huge network of domestic and International market. We are totally dedicated work of our products and services. There are some of the most successful air compressor manufacturers in Ahmadabad who have traveled through local to global stage of business world.

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Sunday, 6 October 2019

Piston Air Compressor Manufacturer and Exporter in India

Our piston air compressors come in three types: Single Stage Low Pressure Compressor, Two Stage Medium Pressure Compressor and Multi Stage High Pressure Compressor. 

Single Stage Low Pressure Compressor

These single stage low pressure compressors are used in glad industries, chemical industries, instrumentation, process, liquid transfer, spray painting, boiler fuel oil atomization, water pumping, irrigation, air jet cleaning, dairies, air lift pumps, clay & potteries, etc.

Two Stage Medium Pressure Compressor

Two stage compressor consist of two or more cylinders. The atmospheric air enters into LP cylinder through inlet filter & valves and passes to HP cylinder through intercooler for final pressure. The highly efficient intercooler tube provides maximum heat dissipation between stage. These compressors are useful in textile, plastic industries, paper industries, spray painting blowering, cleaning, tyre inflating, pneumatics, ceramics, automobiles, foundries, pharmaceuticals, CNC, VMC & Plasma Cutting, Sand blasting, Blow Molding Service stations, etc.

Multi-Stage High Pressure Compressor

Multistage heavy-duty compressors are designed for high pressure operation up to 70 kg/cm2g (1000 psig). They are useful in valve & system testing, engine starting, laboratory test work, space & aviation industrial air blast circuit breaking, dairy, marine & military applications, pet bottling, gas transmission & distribution, defense, shipyards, oil exploration, pneumatics, etc

Monday, 30 September 2019

100% Oil less dental compressor mfrs

Gajjar Air compressor is proud to manufacture and supply state-of-the-art Dental Oil Free Compressors under the brand name, Air Marshal. We offer a range of superior quality air compressors, designed especially for dental practices.

Our in-house experts understand your exact requirements when developing the air compressors for dentists. They offer maintenance free, easy to install, superior quality, noise free and durable finishing standards for every practice, from 1 to 10 users.

As a dentist, it’s important to have a reliable source of clean dental air at all times. This means that you can’t afford the downtime. Although the industry standard has not yet made it mandatory for Class 0 certified air, our entire range of Dental Oil Free Compressors is certified Class 0 to ensure that your dental clinic has the best possible air. This means your business is at Zero risk.
We provide the industry-leading dental air compressors reputed for its superior air quality. This will help you avoid putting your patients at an undue health risk. So, whatever your requirement, we have the in-house expertise to deliver it to you. Contact us to learn more about 100% oil-free dental air compressors.
If there is a will there is a way! This is world’s one of the most popular saying to encourage people in everyday life, and this is one of the primary factor behind the mega success of Gajjar Air Compressors as one of the leading wholesale air compressors manufacturer in India and air dryer manufacturer in India. When we started Gajjar Air Compressors years ago, we had sizzling deserve in driving the air compressor industry towards newer heights that give the users and customers optimum value on their investment and give them unique and satisfactory experience of using quality air compressors.

Saturday, 14 September 2019

Air Compressors Spare Parts and Accessories : Things you need to know

Air Compressor and Spare Parts

Air Compressors is an important electrical component used for many industrial applications. In fact it is not just an electrical component but now it has become so widely useful and necessary for many industrial applications that we can say that air compressor is itself a machine that works for other machine! There are many types of air compressors. Many air compressors manufacturer in India manufacture compressors that range from small to large air compressors.  
The air compressor is electrical equipment that is made up of many parts. The air compressors’ each part is as useful and as important as the whole air compressor is. We shall not ignore the importance of any of the air compressor spare part even if that spare part is too small! Some of the spare parts of an air compressor plays very big and very important role in the quality functioning of an air compressor for any application. Some of very important air compressors spare parts are Pistons, Valve & Valve Parts, Piston Rings, Oil Seals, Air Filter and Oil Filters, Piston Rod & Oil Scrapper Ring and Air Receivers etc.
How to take care of air compressor spare parts?
Taking care of spare parts of an air compressor system is necessary yet easy. Just make sure you monitor whole air compressor on a regular interval of time. Also, when you put your air compressor under maintenance/service, make sure you check each and every important spare part. Be it Valve or piston ring or be it oil seal or oil filter or any other part, every spare part needed to check and test for well-functioning separately. Measure the working quality of spare part at time of testing and if any spare part is needed to replace, don’t do any delay, replace the damaged part instantly. This will ensure good working life of an air compressor.
Industrial/Commercial Uses
Most of air compressors are used across a number of industries. We can say that air compressor are best suited in industrial application rather than home applications because the evolution of air compressors have been due to their large demands in varied industrial applications. There are many industries such as metal industry, electronic industry, automobile and defense equipment and tools industry where air compressors are most widely used on day to day basis. 
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Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Industrial compressor exporter

High quality of air compressor:

When it comes to quality, many air compressors exporter in India insist on designing and manufacturing high quality air compressors that comes with high cost, but we suggest you to look on quality and not on cost because if you choose quality over cost, you will be rewarded in long terms in terms of air compressor performance.

There are many kinds of compressors ranging from small to large size compressors. Each of these air compressors has its own size, shape, design and use in different applications in different industries. Even some of these air compressors are useful for home usage. But the most widely used air compressor screw air compressor.

Nowadays air compressors are available in a wide range of size, type, phases and applications. There are many types of air compressors exporter in India who manufacture small and large size air compressors for both industrial and home uses. 

Our customers services policy:

Our customer services policy are very strong. Best idea deal is fast done. We deal with after sales services and support. We are strongly communication to customer so they can any types of update we will easily update. Quality is main part of oil free dental compressor. We focus on quality for our products. But thanks to robust technological advancements in the compressors, nowadays air compressors are available in a wide range of size, type, phases and applications.

We are exporting of air compressor many country like USA,UK, south Africa,Denmark,UAE,Kenya, Israel,Newzeland, Ghana,Oman,Iran,Iraq,France,Peru,South Korea,Angola,Nepal,Bhutan ,SriLanka and many more country.
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Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Oil dental compressor exporter

These compressors are useful where 100% oil free air is necessary. Oil is not required in crankcase of these compressors. Oil free compressors are useful in dental medical, hospitals, laboratory, pharmaceuticals, bio technology,food industries, printing machines, electronics industries CNC and VMC applications etc.
Model No. Motor H.P. Piston Displacement ( CFM) TANK PSIG
OF - 550 0.75 2.7 25 115
OF - 750 1.0 3.5 35 115
OF - 1100 1.5 5.2 50 115
OF - 1500 2.0 7 70 115
OF - 3000 4.0 14 100 115
OF - 284 3.0 7.5 160 135
OF - 292 5.0 15 200 135
OF - 303 7.5 21 240 135
OF - 121T 10.0 32 300 135
OF - 65T 15.0 45 500 135
OF - 75T 20.0 60 500 135